Friday, November 25, 2011

Paperback ...... the first part....

My sister went through a rough patch in life, and she lives literally, saat samundar paar. She has a friend who understood, and wrote about her difficult time. He is a superb doctor, and an amazing blogger. She sent me a link to the beautiful words he had written for her, and I was hooked. I became an addict of his blogs, and almost stalked his site.

He wrote short stories too. And I thought "What the heck! If a DOCTOR can write, so can I! And this fellow is my JUNIOR from school, for heavens' sake!" And I wrote.......

I saw my work getting published online, and I was prodded on by many friends, including my sister and  Doctor Roshan Radhakrishnan  to keep writing. And write I did....

And then a story was selected for print. And the tease that I am, I shall let you know the details in a later post ........ buahahahahaha!!

Till then, wish me luck!


  1. Wish you Godspeed.

    Tease Indeed, What possible pleasure are you getting out of this?

  2. Thanks for the kind words...Your sister is a gem of a girl.. well, woman I guess now. And yes, I know about the 'story up for printing' too.Why ? Well...details in a later post here as well :)

  3. Arre waah!! Too much! Congrats! Can't wait for the rest of the news. :)

  4. yes i went to the blog and found it quite a creative hub..

  5. Bully! Saving the best for next, eh?

    But very sweet how things turned out.. as I see his comment right above (Hello Dr Roshan :)), it kinda warms one's heart..

    Will wait for the next post :)

  6. Congrats! Tell us more about the story, please. I just completed 50,000 words of my first novel and I'm over the moon. Taking a much needed 2 day break and reading up on all the blogs I've been away from all month.

    How's the weather treating you and the kids?

  7. @Atrocious... thanks! *Evil Laugh*
    @Roshan .... likewise! ;-)
    @Spaceman ... will be out soon... shall update
    @Guilty .... yeah, Doc has been blogging for 6 years now!
    @R-A-J .... thank you!
    @Sumira ... wow! 50,000 words? Thats like a mega soap! all the best dear! And the weather is still tolerable, with a few sniffles.