Saturday, November 5, 2011

Phoolon ka, Taaron ka.....

Warning : Mush Alert!!!

When the 'bundle' arrived at home, everyone seemed to be gushing. I - a mere 4 year old, was suspicious and curious. My mother laid down the bundle on my lap, asking me if I knew who this red-faced, sleeping blob was. I nodded, not knowing whether I could touch, or whether I was just supposed to 'look' - just like all the lovely china she had.

She told me to touch my sister - and I was instantly in love. In Kerala, we have special 'baby massage' women - those who lay the baby down on their legs and knees and then give them a bath. Looks weird, but is the safest way to bathe infants. We had "Dechchu Amma" - she was an expert - had bathed three generations of babies in our family. Before I knew it, she was home, laying my beautiful, fair baby doll on her dark, oily knees. I created mayhem - screamed at her, telling her not to touch my baby. And Dechchu would have all the fun in the world by saying "I'll touch her and make her as black as me!" I remember even complaining to my beautiful Grandmother why SHE should be bathing the baby.

As we grew older, we became friends, rivals, enemies, protectors and trusted guides. We went through phases in our lives where we felt the other one was getting all the unfair attention from our Mom. Dad managed to stay out of controversies by doing what every Dad is good at - splurging on both of us!

Then came a stage where we had priorities thrown our way by way of marriage and families. We had tough choices to make, and we had only instincts to tell us the way. She had her own share of struggles, when I was going through turmoil in my life. But I knew she would be there for me - every time I needed her. I can only hope I can be as supportive as you were for me!

I remember her standing up to the 'Karnavar' (that's what we call the oldest male member - usually an Uncle - in the matrilineal society that Nambiars have. These guys make all the decisions!) much to the shock of all around - when she had to support me in one of the difficult situations I faced for a family ritual. She would lie, hide, coerce and rebel for me.

Today, she is a wonderful mother, beautiful wife and a fantastic professional, we are all proud of. And today is her birthday.

Seema, you have been one of the most precious gifts God has given me. My best friend and the only person I can be completely truthful to - because I know you love me unconditionally. Happy birthday, sister - and wishing you only the best of everything the world has to offer - coz' you deserve the best!


  1. Sweet post, brought back memories of the first time I met my sister in the hospital. Was able to relate so much to this post.

    Many happy returns to your sister on her birthday.

    Here and now I just want to say,
    I wish her happiness without delay.

  2. My siblings are far younger than me, so much so that I see them as the next generation so couldn't relate to it. But very sweet..
    But that picture of you guys, so cute!!:)

    Belated happy returns to Seema!

  3. Good one again :)Your writings are too good :) Loved de title for this one!!! Happy birthday to Seema !!

  4. Awww sniff sniff ..xoxox meena!!!
    And thank you all for the wishes...made me feel great- God bless you all!!!

  5. Amen to that :)
    Seema, I've told you in many formats ( orkut, facebook, blogposts etc ) how much you have influenced my life too... glad to see you getting all the credit you deserve.

  6. That was a very sweet post. :)
    Happy b'day to her!

  7. hahah wasnt tht the cutest pic ever!!1 hehehe.
    My brother is 8 yrs younger to me and hates me. Well I love him tht way :P...His hatred is cute!

  8. Made me nostalgic. i miss my family now and my sisters..

    I want to meet them now ..
    A very happy birthday to your sister Seema.. many many happy returns of the day ..


  9. Very good one once more. Happy Birthday to Seema

  10. @Atrocious ... thank you so much for the wishes!

    @PeeVee.. thanks! Am sure you have a different kind of bonding with siblings who are much younger - have seen that with time, as we grow into adults we become closer than ever before.

    @Roshni ... thank you for all the kind words - and for the wishes too

  11. @Anonymous ... you know I love you, right? Missed you so much!

    @Roshan ... *no words* .... thank you

  12. @Red handed ... hehehe .. love hate relationships dominate most of our sibling stories too!

    @Bikram ... thank you so much for the wishes! And I miss my family too!

    @A ... thank you so much for the wishes!