Monday, December 19, 2016

Golden Words

I chanced to speak with a mentor yesterday night. It was his birthday, and I remembered only just before the day had ended. The conversation was as it always had been - endearing, and inspiring. That conversation led me to believe that I was doing myself a great disservice by not writing my heart out.

So with a renewed vow to myself, and to all the beautiful people who have constantly reminded me that my last post was over two years ago, here I am, fingers poised on the keyboard, my mind taking slow, awkward steps to write a few lines.

Most of us have a personal hero-list. I mean the list of people we hero-worship..... parents, siblings, cousins, friends, teachers. I have managed to compile here, a few golden words by my personal heroes. Most of these, when I think back, have caused to change something in me to make me a better person.

But ofcourse, here I will NOT tell you the reference to context for fear of letting out more skeletons out of my closet than I really care to :-).

"Go play the game. If you win, we celebrate. If you lose, we celebrate the lesson we learnt." - Dad 

"There has to be some difficulties in your life. If not, would you ever remember to pray?" - Mom 

"Wait. Don't do anything stupid till I get there." - Friend 

"If you don't feel like jumping into your work clothes and rush to work, do something else - you've got only a few decades left to live!" - Boss

"You better take care of yourself, because I can't be there right now." - Friend  (yup! got married to the poor chap)

"Always put lesser salt than you think you need. Increasing it later is much easier than trying to save a dish with too much salt."- Mom 

"If you keep thinking that you just want finish what you are doing, in order to do something else, the task in hand will never get over." - Mom 

"If you feel the need to lie to me, just don't say anything." - Dad 

"Always have some boiled potatoes in the fridge."  - Mom (yup, she was one helluva life hack guru)

"I don't care what anyone thinks - what do you want?" - Sister 

"You will look back and regret it if you don't find time for your passion." - Mentor 

"You look nicer when you smile" - My kids

"I don't want a party for my birthday - just spend the whole day with me." - very young daughter

"You will always have people around you who love you immensely - you will never go wrong if you think of their well being at every step of your decision-making." - Mom

"Karma is your surest and easiest life insurance. Just keep doing the right things" - Mentor

I consider myself very lucky - not because I haven't seen difficult times. But because I have, and those difficult times have shown me the wealth I possess in the form of friends and family. This post is dedicated to all of you.