Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Growing up

You turn in your sleep,
And I inch away, just a step
I smile at your joke,
The one I forgot to laugh at.
Your hair, the way you want to wear
Just like me.. I forgot to say
I am pleased that you want to.

You said you would your laces tie,
You can brush your hair just right.
You have learnt to smile when you don't want to..
And not cry when you want to.

You know when to tell me
The things I wish to hear, and also
Things I do not want to...
My dear, you're growing up.

I wish to give you my princess,
Every happiness I have felt, and instead
Take from you each time,
That pain crosses your path.

Fearful I am now, for I think
Of when you face the world, gentle one
With the grace of a lily,
But also the power of a storm..
Always, may God be with you
My dear, you're growing up.