Thursday, April 26, 2012

How YOU doin'? ..... And a Book to WIN!

Yes, I am alive.

No, I do not have a job description that entails saving the world while looking like a million dollars

Yes, I still have my typing fingers.

No, I do not want to kiss my blogger friends goodbye

Yes, I do think I am vain enough to think you missed me

No, I did not expect the front page news to read that a street protest was staged to get me to write again.

The last month was all about mood swings that could put a cannabis-smoking junkie to shame. I oscillated between feeling on top of the world and wanting to give up eating seafood. (What? In my case, giving up eating fish is like putting a gun to my head while trying the size of the noose around my neck, just in case the gun was made in China!!)

Let me begin with the stuff that makes me want to rip out my heart and throw it to the sharks. For reasons known only to the Creator (pretty sure He's wringing his hands in pure agony at the judgement call He has made), I seem to be having trouble getting my viewpoint across to a highly skeptical 9 year old, and with growing concern, I am beginning to realize that this kid just might take after her mom - namely, Me!! On the other end of the spectrum is the toddler who proudly declares to his teacher that he will score more than his customary 'Zero' in his class assignments "jab mein bada ho jaoonga!".

I have been asking those dreaded questions.... you know, the mid-life crisis kinds...... "Where am I going? What do I want? Who am I ? What do I make for dinner? What did I deserve to outgrow my favourite jeans?......." You get the drift, right?

In addition to eating everything that is either sinfully sweet or crispy fried (the only two categories of foods that seem to have the answers to the aforementioned questions) I have also been researching on various techniques to irritate the living hell out of my colleagues and friends. Sharing some simple tips here:
  • Finish ALL the papers in the photocopy machine and do not replenish
  • Disclose the climax of a much talked about movie or book. (Note : here, movies like Ravan, or Agent Vinod do not count - not as effective) 
  • Send out explosive mails at 6.00 pm on a Friday evening (sure shot results)
  • Many more that are copyrighted material - am open to sharing these for a good price
In the same breath, want to share with you that my second story in print is now out. The book titled Icarus Blackberry Notes Soul Sisters is a collection of short stories of authors who had participated in a short story competition.

Do read the reviews on Flipkart, and if you get your hands on the book, please do contribute to the reviews.

The dream book launch in Delhi made the 7 co-authors including me feel like celebrities. Signed autographs, spoke 'a few words' on my inspiration, had my photographs clicked with people who hardly knew what the commotion was all about, met really interesting young writers, who were extremely talented and focused and saw proud, contended happiness on the faces of my family (of course there were moments that made me cringe at the hollering and the sound of little running feet).

We even got covered in the Times of India article where if you are diligent enough, you can spot my name! *Smug smile here*

Now, the most interesting part ..... I have here, a contest winning which, you could  ....... wait for it..... be the proud owner of this book. I have your attention now? Well lets get on with the contest then:

Step 1 : In the comments of this post, let us know the book that has made you emotional - enraged you, depressed you, caused you to shed a few tears of laughter - whatever. Also let us know what you felt and why you felt what you did....

Step 2 : Have people vote for you in the comments itself. Each person can compete once, and vote once. Or do either one of the two (i.e., vote without competing, or compete without voting) But only once each.

Step 3 : Once the winner is declared by all of us, the winner would let me know his/her address and you shall receive your prize!

Let us start, amigos!!