Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The euphoria continues........

Lets just say January is my favorite month of the year. The newly changed calendar on the wall, and the shiny new leather planner still feels good to the touch. There are many good friends who celebrate their birthdays this month, and I have the opportunity, yet again, to put my doting husband to the memory test. You see, this month also sees me adding a candle to the already overburdened birthday cake.

But the greatest cause of joy this January remains the magic of seeing my name in print. Yes, I am indeed, vain enough to think you remember that I have a story in the anthology - Urban Shots Bright Lights!!

When I finally received a copy of the book, I tore open the packaging like a little kid, and almost danced with the book. Then I started going through the stories, taking care not to crease the edges as I go along. And one story after the other, I find myself feeling elated and alarmed at the same time.

Elated, as each story seemed just waiting to be told, written with such earnest and honesty, that I could feel myself in there. Alarmed, at the disillusionment that came with the discovery that talent, indeed, was exuding from each one of these writers. I had suddenly discovered that if I were to sit in a panel of judges, and objectively chose the stories, my own story probably would never have made it to the winners' list!!

But, having said that, I am still in the process of discovering these little gems - one delicious morsel at a time! And I truly recommend this book for all those in love with the quirkiness of the human mind. Go right ahead and order here - I promise, you will not be disappointed!

And now..... I have a treat for all of you. Presenting, a fellow blogger, an astounding writer, a good friend and a (can-you-believe-it!!) doctor - all rolled into one...... Roshan Radhakrishnan (Godyears, as some of you know him) has a story featured in Urban Shots (see... I told you the book is filled with gems!) and you can read the excerpt here .....  and discover for yourself why I am alarmed!


  1. I'm gonna pick it up ASAP. :) Super duper excited for you. :)

  2. Congrats ... and Thanks ya.. its an honour to see such glowing words.. I'm humbled :)

    And really, the book is an absolute gem. I know I'm proud to be part of the collection.

  3. @Spaceman .... thank you so much... i do hope you like it *nervous as hell*!

    @Bikram ... thanks for all the wishes!

    @Roshan ... :-)

  4. Wow Awesum news!!! Congrats on ur achievement n belated Bday wishes to u, Nirvana!!! :)

    Yup, I can see y January works fr u!! :)

    Real happy fr u, Nirvana!!! :)

  5. I liked the story Murder of Enterprise - and Better half, well thought and articulated.

  6. @R-A-J .... Thank you so much!!

    @Gyanban ....Thank you for coming by...