Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And let the Drums Roll....

Finally, after much wishing and waiting, that little ray of light at the end of the tunnel is here! My first story titled 'CATS AND SPONGES'  (When an Aquarian writes, you don't exactly expect to see run-of-the-mill words as the title, do you?) is one of the stories in the anthology of Urban Shots - Bright Lights.

NO, I am not a lover of cats, and I certainly do not have a thesis on the evolution of  *some* human beings from sponge. But I can guarantee that if you like urban stories - the ones with climaxes that leave you jolted - then this is the one to read.

Now that I have enough hot air in my head to get an elephant airborne (no pun intended), let me move on to the next agenda : shameless propagation of my work - so that I can get rich and famous overnight! So, please order from any one of these sites ( I promise, in my biography, I will thank each and every person who did so!) Most of these sites are currently offering a pre-order discount, which lasts till the book launch (which incidentally is on 19th in Mumbai.)

Click on anyone of the following to pre-order the books :

And when you do lay you hands on the copy, please do let me know how it was!


  1. Have ordered a copy and look forward to reading your story :)

  2. Excellent .. and yeah will go and see if i can have my hands on it .. all the best always

    and well done


  3. Congratulations! I will try to get hold of it! All the best!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful - congratulations are in order.. :)

    Will lay my hands on a copy this weekend.

  5. That's really wonderful Nirvana! Proud of you and so happy for you. I'll certainly read and come back to tell you that I did :)

  6. @Maryann .... Thanks... and all the very best to you too. Have you recieved the copy yet? Still waiting for mine.

    @Bikram ... thank you for the wishes!

    @Smitha.... thank you ... appreciate a review later :-)

    @Phatichar .... Good to see you here! And thank you!

    @Sumitra ... Thank you so much! Look forward to some critical feedback from you!

  7. wow, Thats really good to know....all the best and will try to have one...:))

  8. @Irfanuddin .... thank you! And do let me know how you like the story!