Sunday, December 18, 2011

A hotel Review

Been travelling - a part of my job that keeps me sane enough to want to go back to work (yup! I got a clever boss!)

Also want to introduce you to a blog that got created with this one, but got terribly ignored, becasue I couldn't find stuff good enough to feature there. But have started thinking that maybe you guys can tell me how it looks.

See you soon with something better than a news report!!


  1. Hi Nirvana, I added your other blog to my blogroll. :)
    You are lucky you get to travel for your job. I would LOVE to have such a job that requires me to travel. :)

  2. :) will visit that tooo :)

    looking forward to the next one


  3. @Punamjr, thanks for adding that! I love that blog, but am lazy updating it. And yes, travelling is fun as long as it doesn't get too frequent.

    @Bikram .... thank you so much!