Monday, July 11, 2011

I Have a Dream......

I have a dream...... A song to sing
To take me through ..... Everything!!

Hi all.... its been a crazy week. Times when I have been so jittery that I almost bit my nails right down to their skins, and other times when time seemed to have stopped altogether.

The highlight of the week is ....... wait for it........ (as Barney Stintson would say) .... *drum roll* ... My published story!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you.......  The better Half   Ta-da!!!

Please do read and leave comments. It would really do a world of good to the dream I carry that I just may write that book which says "Written by Meena Nambiar Bhatnagar"


  1. A delightful little tale.. :) Loved it. Short, sweet, not too sappy and very practical.

    And hey, Nambiar WOULD look good on a book cover, right? ;) That's what I'm countng on too. :P

  2. :D ... yup! Nambiar looks like the name books are meant to be written by!... Maybe we can team up on a 'Nambiar Chronicles" series... :-)

  3. :) congratulations .. and heres wishing all ur dreams come true


  4. @Bikram.... thanks for reading! Appreciate the wishes!

  5. Congratulations! The story was very sweet :) Please do read my blog whenever you can... Considering I'e just started blogging...

  6. Thank you, Crazycookie ... and congrats and the new blog! nice template. Look forward to seeing more stuff from you.

  7. Came here after a long time. Missed so many posts by you. Congrats and hope you become a published writer. :) Why aren't you writing here of late?

  8. @ Ajay... Thanks for the wishes! Just caught up in so much... my brain has stopped thinking creatively ;-) !