Friday, July 8, 2011

Have you ever...

Today I am in the mood to ramble off without using much of my brain cells. What do you mean I can't afford it? Well, yeah you are right. Friday just doesn't seem to move past six!

How many of these have you done?
  • Closed the fridge while trying to look if the light went off when you did?
  • Tried to sing through your nose, while tilting your head a certain grotesque angle... a style popularly called "a la Himesh-the-cap-for-hair", in the shower?
  • Bit your cheek when eating something you tried to hide from someone?
  • Hopped a few times with one leg in the trouser and trying to put the other in?
  • Balanced a pencil between your nose and upper lip? And then have the very person you want to impress, walk in on you?
  • Written your name on a dusty glass window of a car with your finger?
  • Blow 'smoke' out of your mouth on a cold winter morning?
  • Peed while laughing? Oh OK then... coughing? No? Fine....sneezing, definitely?
  • Run across the room in slow mo?
  • Sing into a hairbrush? In a towel?
  • Blown a kiss to the mirror?
  • Do a bow-and-arrow-with-eyes-closed-murmuring stuff, the way Sagar Productions propagated?
  • Fallen down and looked up instantly to see how many witnesses, BEFORE looking at the physical damages?
  • Look at your finger-nails in the mirror after a nail paint? Almost have an accident because you were looking at your NAILS while driving?
  • Asked for extra paper in exams just because EVERYONE seems to need one, except you!
  • Sharpened pencils while trying to keep the shavings in one single piece?
  • Refused to watch a movie where the hero dies?
  • Throw a cat into a pond and see how it swims back? (if Maneka-you-know-who is reading this, neither have I.)
  • Laughed at someone who fell off a chair? In an interview? YOUR interview?
  • Fallen asleep with any edible / potable substance held in your hand? Woken up next morning and finish eating / drinking it?
  • Been caught making a face at someone? And convert the sticking out tongue into an Albert Einstein smile? OK ... at least a My-Name-Is-Khan-smile?
Brain freeze......

Please feel free to add to the list.... :-D


  1. hahaaaa...frankly speaking, i like hopping with one leg in trouser n.....and then couple of times even bitten my cheeks while eating n just tried to hide it, you know......:P

    anyways enjoyed it throughout...Lovely post..:D

  2. he he he I have done the fridgething when power goes off and i jsut want to be sure :) not the bulb fused ..

    written my name on wintery cold days on windows
    blown smoke immitating smokers in winters ..

    most of the points i cna relate with NO not the nail painting one .. :)


  3. You are a freaking mind reader, couldnt help but nod to most points. Spot on again.

  4. @Irfanuddin ... thanx and welcome aboard! The biting the cheek thing is so bloody painful!! not to mention embarrassing! Thanks for reading!

    @Bikram... yeah.. its uncanny how many of us did that the smoking thing! And THANK GOD its a no on the nail paint thing!

    @Atrocious ... hehehe... more a bumbling clumsy thing than a mind reader... so got a lot of such experiences to share! Thanx for coming by!

  5. Awesome post. Have done many of those. Well almost all. :)

  6. @Ajay .... thank you for reading!!