Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The World at my feet!

The "Pilot" strapped the weird looking backpack on me. He then put the helmet on my head, tightening a cord here and a belt there. Less than a few minutes back, I was damn sure I was going to do this. Now, looking at this thin, panting young fellow standing in front of me grinning like a jackass, I wasn't so sure!

"Why you grinning like a dumbo?" was what I WANTED to ask. But what came out was "You sure I am going to get back in one piece....... BHAIYYA?" (The 'bhaiyya' in good measure for the required emotional blackmail, so that the guy is extra careful with the equipment my life depends on!)

Guess the emotional stuff worked (oh we are good at that aren't we - the timely stated bhaiyyas, uncles,aunties, bhabhis, chechis, chettans, annans etc.) - because he stopped grinning at me, and he explained that he'd been the 'pilot' now for many years. "Bet you were flying when you were in diapers" I muttered to myself while hoping he didn't hear.

Then came the instructions. "Whatever you do, don't sit. Run fast, and don't let the wind make you sit. When you get pulled back, you pull the opposite direction.  And DON'T FALL." (You moron! You really think that last part required to be stated?) Just before he started running behind me, he remembered one more little thing -"Oh Madam, when we are about to land, keep your legs up, otherwise you can even fracture them!" (Wow! Informative guy! NOW he remembers to tell me!)

And we ran... Rather, he ran, and I bumbled along, remembering not to fall. Till the last few feet before the end of the hill. "This is bloody suicide," was the last thought that crossed my numbed mind before my buckling knees floated and my feet left the reassurance of the ground. The very next moment, I was lifted off the ground, the wiry young mountain lad laughing at my war cry (Actually, more like high-pitched-hysterical-woman-shriek). I had done it!

Well, I mean the wind had done it - successfully picked me - a more than healthy person, and made me fly a few hundred feet above the tiny little people standing below. That moment, I was all respect for my 'Pilot'. I was flying, the bright red, black and white parachute with the number "6" boldly written on it. I was whooping in joy, understanding why man's fascination with flying would never end. The shining snow on the mountains, the glistening river below, and all of nature's beauty was visible as far as my eyes could see..... 

A few minutes of tasting heaven, and it was time to land. I did remember to lift my legs, so no fracture.

After dusting the visible effects of my flight from my clothes, I went straight to my list of "To-do-before-I-Die" list, and crossed out that amazing wonderful word : PARAGLIDING......

Bungee Jumping ...... here I come!!


  1. WOW. So you had fun :))))

  2. @A ... absolutely! Felt like a child on Christmas!

  3. Good keep writing
    write bit more on each topic so your words explanations get with reader more time after all it should not end like a short movie

  4. @Anonymous, thanx for the tip. Someone once told me that its important to read what one has written, coz the brain thinks faster than the fingers can type. Point taken! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Damn!! I am SO jealous! *insert angry smiley here*
    And when you're going for bungee jumping, remember, whatever you do "DON'T FALL'. :D

  6. @Spaceman .... sure thing! I will - just as I will remember to blink my eyes!! And yeah - it really WAS awesome!