Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wishes .............

Dear Mom,

I know you would have forgotten its Mothers Day tomorrow. And I wanted to wish you before my sister wished you (in case you didn't know, yeah we still fight over who was your favourite!). Well, I thought I'd give you a grand gift this Mother's Day (I wanted to make up for having been the main character in almost ALL of your nightmares!!).... I am going to tell you stuff I should have, when talking to you was a much simpler proposition. So here goes ......

  • I like it when you hum in the kitchen - I try humming those very songs
  • I like it when you get angry with me for having left my stuff lying around. Of course, I don't Like it as much when MY daughter does the same thing, and leaves stuff around (strange, huh??)
  • I like it when you hover around me at lunch, telling me how good the bitter gourd is for me
  • I like it when we fight over the remote; or the volume of the TV
  • I like it when you are at the door, waiting to yell at me for being late
  • I like it when you pick up the phone and start talking to me without waiting to see who's at the other end - and you are ALWAYS right
  • I like it when you eat the funny shaped rotis i make, so that I don't shy away from making them again (you were the only one who ate them)
  • I like it when you listen to my phone calls on the extension
  • I like it when you play detective, and discover all my mischief
  • I like it when you come to check on me in the middle of the night
  • I like how you tie up your hair into a careless bun at home
  • I like to watch you dress up for an outing
There are so many more things; but most of all, I like it when you laugh..............

Laugh a lot mom ..... thats when you look the best. We miss you. Happy mother's day!


  1. Lovely...very nice.

    Happy Mother's day

  2. Dear A... thank you for reading!

  3. so much so touchy and truth u have spoken...! extremely touched with ur blogpost..! reminded me many such similar instances when I was a kid and a teenage weirdo..!

  4. @Amrita ... thank you so much for your kind words .. i imagine all daughters and mothers have the same growing up relationship!

  5. Awww.. you know, no matter how old we grow, how we ourselves become mother, grandmother etc but, we never grow out of being a daughter. We die being a daughter to our mothers and I think its precious!
    Your mother must be proud of you.
    P.S My mother hums while cooking too :D