Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make way.... the "Smart" phone is here!!

Have you noticed how people end up buying the kind of stuff that are an extension of their own personalities? It is more so when it is something that you are literally going to be living with - let's face it - today you do end up spending more time with mobile phones than you do with flesh-and-blood counterparts right?

In such a scenario, it would be relevant to spend oodles of time researching why a certain phone would suit you or not. 

The recently launched ASUS ZenFone 2 is one such phone we discuss today. While my technological knowledge is matched only by my uncanny ability to speak fluent Mongolian (that, folks, is my way of saying I know neither of the two ), I will still attempt to understand 5 ways in which my life can be made easier by this phone - just in case someone out there was planning to gift me one :-). 

  1. Speed : The ASUS ZenFone has 4 GB RAM. Now what that translates as to me is that I can, without much hair-pulling frustration, move between the cake recipe on a sumptuous blog post, and the videos that my friends send me on whatsapp - while also navigating through Google maps. Simply put, there is far less waiting time between the apps. Heck maybe the laptop can be given a miss when travelling!!
  2. Battery Life : Phones today are the lifeline to people who have to be moving, yet have to be accessible all the time - and I am no exception. Whether it is our kids, the babysitter, the office, the better half, one needs to be connected all the time. Who isn't familiar with the pangs of fear that strikes our hearts when we have the battery in the red, with not too much time to charge it? Ask and you shall get, apparently! Lo behold - this phone charges itself like Superman on an energy drink!! 
  3. Pictures : How many of you have had the disappointing moment when the baby gives you a killer smile, you try to capture it, and baby decides to squint right when the flash goes off? What say you get a camera with zero shutter lag and no need for a flash? Yeah! That should do it, right? Picture perfect.
  4. No hanging : Need I say more? Switching off and switching on the phone to get the damn thing to un-hang may just be a thing of the past with this phone. Just this one feature could be a life-changing experience.
  5. The looks : Judging by the pictures, the phone would be drool-worthy. From the high screen to body ratio, to the shining metallic back cover, this is a luxuriously fine looking piece of art, which at the price, looks much more expensive than it actually is. Wouldn't hurt to be seen holding it huh?
Well.... that's my list, am sure there are more.

This was a post about ASUS India .

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