Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why the Success of Queen is so heartwarming.....

The world and their aunts are raving about Queen. I had tried to keep away from as much of the review as I could - for the simple reason that I didn't want to create hyped up expectations. But it was difficult to do, with everyone talking, writing and debating about the movie, and Kangana's depiction of a first-of-a-kind coming of age film of a woman.

Ofcourse the film delivered - passed through flying colors on every expectation. Let me attempt a list without giving away too much of the story...
  • Bang on depiction of the much talked about middle class, protective, loving, yet patriarchal family (asking the fiance whether she could work, the little brother tagging along everywhere she goes etc)
  • Kangana's face acting as a wonderful canvas of emotions - shock, frustration, fear, awe, resignation, anger, realization, and ofcourse, disillusionment, enlightenment and sheer joy.
  • The dream supporting cast - beautiful and bold women, sensitive and easy-on-the-eyes men. (yes indeed, there are guys that can make you swoon just by blinking their eyes)
  • Oodles and oodles of inner strength and courage - not to mention humor
But this post is not a review, it is an awed realization that we have, unanimously, as a nation, welcomed the movie with open arms. A movie which has shown 'culture' and patriarchy on a lighter vein. We have not taken to the streets protesting that the movie has 'corrupted' the minds of our 'behen-beti'; or that there are semi-nude sex workers sharing screen space with the protagonist. We have laughed at the chest-beating auntyjis and the overbearing mummyjis and the confused desi-turned-pseudo-videsi groom.
In the theater, it was a welcome sight to see women and men of all ages living through the ordeals and little triumphs of a lovable young woman, who is an unwilling, unaware champion of equality. Yes, she strikes a chord with many of us, but whats more is that, she made us think.
This is a post written with a smile that comes from realizing that all may not be lost, yet. For surely, a society that can look at the portrayal of a woman breaking free of years of patriarchal conditioning, can, someday, accept that this will happen in real life too. Right?


  1. Queen was such a heartwarming and feel good film that I think I'm going to watch it again. Rani is such a lovable character that I felt protective and responsible for her all through the film. Her's is a real character, there are so many Rani's around us, only if we were to look. And the best part, she's put Rajouri Garden on the world map :)

    1. I think so many moments of deja vu in there, right? And she really pulled through every frame of the movie.

  2. Wow, that is some very strong recommendation for a film! Even I want to see it now :)

    1. I am sure you've been getting recommendations to watch it from all quarters :-) .. Thanks for coming by Sunil.

  3. Dont equate Queen with Jab we Met.

    Kareena's is the story of desperation while The Queen shows the essence of woman in all its glory.

    Small snippets..touch and remain with you for a pretty long time..

    - The dusting off the mehendi by Vijay after Rani leaves the table
    -daadi telling her story
    -Chintu showing his finger to Vijay..
    -Boom Boom Vijay lakshmi
    -Taka & the friends sleeping outside
    -The lizard
    - Gol gappa
    - The kiss
    - The pink flowing dress
    - The Rock concert
    - Similar caps...Taka and Queen brother brother
    - Hash= Aish

    We lived the film with Kangana.
    I held my breathe when she gone to Vijay's house..knew that she will cancel the marriage but ..the "how" remained
    Lastly the Thank you with the hug.
    The film is worth every hard earned penny.

    1. Absolutely!! JWM was just a sweet love story - Geet needed someone else to come along and 'save' her. In here, Rani did it all b y herself - just the way it should be.


    1. Oh yeah it was!! I was raving and ranting about it all the time! Loved every little said and unsaid emotion in it.

  5. heloooooooooooooooooo.. how are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu .. remember me .. its been ages

    and yes i finally managed to see this movie and it is a beautful movie , loved it