Saturday, April 9, 2011

Of Wars and Economics

These days, there is a television serial (yes, you heard that right!!) which gets me glued to the television. Its called Chandragupt Maurya -  and gets televised on Imagine TV. It was refreshing to see a world where there are bigger concerns than the sari competition between the women of the serial home, or the extra marital affairs and illegitimate children of the protagonists of these serials.

This is a historical drama, which tells the tale of the first Maurya king - Chandragupta, and the story of the dethroning of a Nanda king, by the sheer foresight of an unarmed, saffron clad guru.... a kingmaker in every sense of the word. Chanakya (or Kautilya, as he is known) is the author of Arthashastra - which deals with the economics of the nation; and Chanakya-neeti, which deals with the right behaviors for the ruler and the citizens.

What is most interesting are the dialogues which sometimes reminds one that our great land had a highly evolved civilization, when much of the world was inhabited by wandering nomads. But what also grabs my attention is the Chanakya-neeti that makes so much common sense...

The latest was an episode where a very young Chandragupt faces hostile reception in his class of Yudh-shastra (the science of war) from the rest of the class, mostly royalty. So when he has to perform a difficult task assigned to him by his guru, he asks the classmates for help. Of course, he receives none. When he goes to complain to the guru, what do you think the guru says?

The guru says, "if there's something that you need to get done, you find the solutions yourself. The gurus will not help you. If it is help you need from the class, you will need to find ways to MAKE them help you." ... to me that is Human Resource Management in the most profound words. It is motivation, inter personal skills and leadership.

Of course there are many more such statements, which makes one sit up and wonder - what has happened to this great land that gave birth to so many great sons and daughters? Why is it that our Chanakyas, Gandhis and Anna Hazares have become a small minority now? And when are we going to revive the glory of this land ?


  1. I like this serial too. The story of Chandragupta Maurya is as inspiring as can be. Such an underpriviledged child, rises against all odd to not just take on but conquer the mighty Nanda Empire. It was only through his own grit, detemination and competence which of course was ably and expertly honed through education and guidance from his guru. And thankfully the serial is well made with excellent direction and very talented actors. It is really interesting to watch

  2. Thanks Amrita ... agree, the directioin is indeed, excellent. A clear message of this serial is that there is no short cut to success - even if you are talented, it involves hard work!