Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye Letter

Dear 2010,

Let me start by saying a heartfelt thank you.

Thank you for all the stuff you've taught me over the last 365 days. I know I haven't been a very good student; for I have repeated mistakes of the past. But you were a patient teacher - letting me learn the hard way! I knew from the start that we had only 365 days with each other, so I did plan well in advance what I wanted to do....

But we didn't always do stuff the way I planned it, did we? But it worked out well in the end. But then I suppose you always knew it would be so..... I know I should have done much more with your precious time ... but then, you agree the gossip sessions, the ten extra minutes of the early morning naps, the few minutes of 'vegging out' in front of the TV were all part of my growing up this year...

And thank you for all the new people you have introduced, re-introduced, or rediscovered for me this year. Many acquaintances who became friends, and friends who became sounding boards. All the moments in your short life where I made mind-blowing discoveries about people I love, and about myself.... and those wonderful moments when people I almost drifted away from were dragged right into my life - thank you!!

I promise, 2010, to remember you forever, and talk about you to my kids..... I also promise to try and respect your successor, so that I have lesser remorse than I have today, of having very little time with you...and follow your advise. I shall take a few more moments to watch my kids laugh, listen to the music which brings tears to my eyes more often, laugh more heartily when i get the chance, compliment more easily...... and many things I know I should have done with you too....

Take care, my friend. I hope you have a safe journey into the hearts of all the people who have lived their life with you last year.


  1. That's a nice one...lovely letter...I also thought that it's only me who does such things !!

    Nice reading u...

  2. @Shail... i enjoyed reading your letter too... thanx!