Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vanity thy name ...

Happy new year! The nip in the air is getting to be a little more irritating than I thought! Well, this too shall end. And when it does, we shall be cribbing of the heat.

Just food for thought..especially for all you HR guys out there...what is an MNC? I had to write a blog dedicated to the HR manager of a particular MNC that sent in a mail, and then a call to speak about a job position in their company. Nothing new in that, even if I must turn around and ask - shouldn't you wait for a mail reply before you call up the person again?

Well, this gentleman was a very interesting dude. He had what you could call a chip on his 'MNC' shoulder. When he was introducing himself, he did mention something about seeing my profile or something. Well, there I was, basking in the glory of having completed a Train the Trainer successfully, and this very interesting gentleman decides he wants to have some ego massaging conversation. So he calls.

I like to play this very entertaining game... especially if the person on the other side has an accent that looks somewhere in between Texas and Jhumri Taliya. One of the most interesting questions was "So u've never worked in an MNC?" (the 'r' s rolling and the 't's hissing).

Now I began smiling to myself.... heres my entertainment channel for the day! So I start using the accent my dear friend taught me of a 'humble and simble' Indian. Enough to say, this guy really didn't know what hit him. He took a minute to recheck my resume, and then fumbled something that sounded like he wanted to catch a flight or a rocket or something...

Which brings me back to my original train of thought.... what is an MNC ? Well, I do agree there are best practices that exist there which the whole world apes. But tell me, did the people who work in those MNCs get cloned in a lab or something? If thats the case, well, our good friend HR-Guy-from-MNC was truly just having a fun time calling up people to talk to!

But my guess is, MNCs are made up of culturally diverse people who learn the art of adaptation quite quickly, and contribute to the existing culture. Well, guess what? Many Indian companies are success stories too. Just like many MNCs are failures too.

And my take on the English language? Well, its essential to know the international language well, but then again "No one cares that you know till they know that you care"...... ciao all, and a Happy twenty ten !!

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