Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sound of Music

Driving on Delhi roads is something I loathe - with every inch of my being. But it is a necessary evil if one wants to do anything here - whether it is to rush to work, or to the many malls, or to just chill with friends...

Well, I discovered a time machine in the midst of the deplorable roads during peak traffic. I caught people giving me strange looks more than once during crazy traffic jams..... and hence discovered that I was smiling for no apparent reason (or at least to them!!) I had discovered music! Glory to the world, I now found time for a luxury like music.

It had been ages (last I remember was in my paying guest accommodation in Delhi that I'd put in a 'cassette' and feel myself melting away...) since I'd been able to just listen to music...Today's version comes complete with visuals and digital sounds. The TV at home has dozens of music channels (or so thats what they'd like to call themselves), but its not the same.

The time machine I discovered was the radio I listen to in the car. One and a half hours of glaring, snarling, hostile traffic just got converted into "my time" - my special bond with myself. And the songs I listen to are the medium through which I go back to special places in my memories.

Whether its Bryan Adams swearing by the "Summer of 69" or whether its Boyzone asking to be "loved for a reason" it brought back smiles. Ofcourse, Hindi songs make the list too - from the awesome 'Masoom' and 'QSQT' songs to the beautifully rendered 'Ma' from a recent movie, the lyrics and the music are capable of transforming my mood..... Life isn't so bad after all....

Not that new songs don't have mood-altering qualities... listen to "Ma da ladla" and discover yourself smiling at some funny lyrics, or shaking your head to "desi girl" and the likes...

When it comes to Malayalam songs, well, I am biased. I believe the most beautiful words that have been written for a song have been in that language. And when the words get molded into songs like "Omana thingal kidavo" (a beautiful song sung for Swati Tirunal by his aunt) then one really is left speechless ... I could go on and on about many such songs...

In short, thank GOD someone invented music - and the car radio!!


  1. I guess Bangalore is worser than Delhi in terms of traffic. I think something more than Radio is required here.....may be having a video-set in the car to watch some short serials like "Friends" would be a good idea-:).....I could think of finishing one episode at every signal-:)

  2. @ suneesh...hmmm...... heard that b'lore is not the same any longer..