Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My first blog award

Ok. I have an earth shattering confession - I have no clue how this award thing works. I mean I have wondered, hours on end, how bloggers get awards, and then resigned to the fact that I would never actually find out. But the kind gesture from The Meditating Lion changed all that!

So, here I am, a copy-cat in the true sense of the word, just doing all that was done in the wonderful blog that gave me this award. Seems there is a tradition to it - 

# Link the person who gave you the award ....... done!

# 7 random facts about you ... here goes
  1. I can drape a perfect sari in 3 minutes. No kidding... I think all the ragging in college helped me discover speed-draping and speed-walking in it!
  2. I am perfectly capable of falling flat on my nose without much reason. I mean a well paved road, a well designed corridor, a considerably well maintained stairway - I somehow, have fallen on all of them! But give me a rocky, hilly, village road and I can bet you that I will be the last man er.... woman standing!  
  3. My first reaction to a shocking revelation will always be a guffaw, followed by an embarrassed "oh-I-shouldn't-have-done-that" giggle. The same reaction when someone else takes that fall we were talking about.
  4. I talk to myself - a lot! So much that I sometimes miss myself when I don't get the time to converse!
  5. I love dogs - all kinds. From pampered little pugs to the scared street dog that wants scraps from me, I stop to talk to all of them.
  6. I can eat any kind of cuisine - happily!
  7. I love the rains. I can smell it before it actually rains, and I have a happy, stupid grin when it rains.
#My favorite song : Gosh, that's like asking me to count every time I breathe!! But of the ones that caused major havoc in my life, including one that resulted in me agreeing to getting married to a crazy fellow is Please Forgive me - Bryan Adams (yeah yeah.... I am the hopeless romantic !)

My favorite dessert : Newly married, I got laughed at when I said 'Jalebi' to my connoisseurs-of-Indian-cuisine in-laws!! Apparently, Jalebi doesn't count as a dessert! Hmmmph! I love them - not only the true blood northy stuff that is crisp and hot and "right out of the kadhai" variety, but also the Kerala version of it - the thick, slightly sour, yellow thing that you find in glass jars of 'bakeries' in Kerala. Also anything sweet thats made at home - kheer, payasam, halwa.... you name it!

What pisses me off :  Doing the same thing - in other words, I get bored damn fast!

Best feature : My sense of (sometimes dark) humour

Everyday attitude : The time to be living in is NOW! Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!

What is perfection? : How every little baby looks beautiful !!

Guilty Pleasures : Chocolate - in any form, including the kids' Bournvita - in the powder form!

# Give the award away to 15 bloggers
Living Queensize : Lady, you were the one who got me addicted to blogging! That she doesn't write much these days is heartbreaking!
As I Muse : The incurable romantic who writes beautiful poems
Atrocious scribblings : The blogger with an amazing sense of humour
Coconut Chutney : Who caused a mild heart attack with her hilarious posts
Shobha : who has finger-lickin' good stuff in her blog
Godyears : the amazing Doc with a heart of gold, and writing skills to match
Bikram : and his Random thoughts - which are so thought - provoking!
Measured Steps : the Super Mom with such lovely posts
Spaceman Spiff : I know you've been tagged - but couldn't let this opportunity go by without the drum roll for you!! The awesomest posts i have seen !!
Simply Speaking : The guy who simply speaks wonderful thoughts
Varsha and her little fragrant flowers - snippets of wisdom!


  1. I just cannot believe... in all these years of your blogging, this is the first time you got an award, but better late than never!
    Cos you deserve it!! :D I totally dig your blog!
    And thankyou for your kind words! :)

  2. *sniff sniff* I only gave you the award first. :( You didn't even accept it. :(
    Which means you haven't read my blog in a long while. :(

    Po, mindoola.

  3. *climbs stage, accepts award, chokes and tears up* :D :P

    Thank you soo very much for this honor. Coming from you, it means a whole lot more. I too, like you have no clue as to how this award system works. Will figure it out for sure.

  4. yayyyyyyyyyyyy I got awardeddddddd :) thank you thank you ...

    and oops .. Congratulations to you .. You totally deserve it WELL DONE :)

    I love dogs too :)


  5. Congrats on your award...a well deserved one!
    OMG...this surely is a surprise and honour for me to see my name here.Thank you so much for sharing this award with me.
    I am away on a holiday and will skip the tradition of answering all the questions and passing it to others.
    Thanks and regards

  6. Congratulations on the award :), and Spiff so well deserves it :)

  7. Congratulations for the award and thanks for mentioning me in there :)))) I am long overdue to write a post on awards and tags. :)))

  8. Thank you soooooo much Nirvana! That's my FIRST award! *sniff*sniff*

    Even I have no clue how awards work!

    So how's it supposed to go? I've to do the "7 Random things about me, fav song" et al routine?
    And also give it away to 15 others?

  9. @Doc ... thank you!!

    @Meditating Lion .... awwww ... that was so sweet!! thank you once again!

    @Spaceman ...what can I say?
    "Paging for Bryan Adams, Paging for Bryan Adams. There seems to be an urgent requst for 'Please Forgive Me' to restore peace among two identical twins (maybe a decade separating them, but twins, nonetheless!)" Enthellam paranjittum, mindoolle ne?

  10. @Atrocious... you deserve it, buddy! and am sure you'll figure it out!

    @Bikram... yeah i know you love dogs... seen a few snaps on your blog. thank you!

    @Shobha... thank you dear! And enjoy your trip!!

    @Serendipity .... thankyou for coming by... and yes, Spaceman is a delight to read, isnt she?

    @A ... look forward to your next post!

    @Vinitha ... yup!! you got the exact method by which to claim your award! :-)

  11. Thankooooo!! Deeply moved by this random act of kindness. And Super mom?? More like chicken running around with her head cut off! :) Thanks again, though. I shall be haunting this space often.

  12. @Sumira ... a headless chicken is what every mom is reduced to. But you, lady, are one superb headless chicken!! Thanks for coming by!!