Friday, January 13, 2012


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* My little sister is now a mother of two, and the latest addition to our family is a sweet little boy they like to aptly call 'Snowflake' - and I haven't met him yet  *Sulk* ..... hence this post!

A lump in my throat,
A sigh on my breath.
A wish on my mind
A tear in my eye.

A prayer in my heart
A kiss on your cheek
A smile on my lips
A blessing in my soul.

Snowflake, welcome to this world, darling.

Your Mom and Dad and all of us who love them, have been waiting for you to arrive. And you know what? In the future, you will have to bear with stories told and retold about how you were when you were snugly sleeping in your Mommy's tummy. (Bear with me for this, little one - for I too, will remind you of how you kicked so bad that your Mommy had bruised ribs from all the Football practise you did in there!)

You will also be pampered silly by all of us - since you are going to be the little baby in the family (yes, dear - forever.... even when you turn 30!). Now, there may be times when you feel that you are getting the short end of the stick in the bargain, but believe me, it beats being blamed every time something goes wrong (oh! ask your Mom, and she'll tell you tales about how her elder sister got pulled up every time.)

You also have a tall order, dude. Your sisters are both beautiful, and are talented actresses, and can break anyone's angry gaze in a micro second with a few fluttering eyelashes. You may just need to find a way to outsmart them. And your brother, well, the lesser said the better. The last I saw him, he was planning an escapade I am terrified to even think of! So you understand the dynamics here, right?

But don't you worry - you'll always be my favorite baby! You'll be the one who has the maximum number of baby stories - and forgive us in advance, because we'll be telling these stories even on your wedding day!

Be nice, baby! And tell Mommy and Dad that I am waiting to see you soon. Love you.

Your Vellimma (Aunt)


  1. hehe...couldnt have said it better myself :)

  2. Congrats to the proud parents and offcoure the Maasi too

    God bless the little one


  3. Lovely darling!!And very well said....lil snowflake made us wait quite a while !!!!Loved it and truly touched.

  4. With a welcome note like this I wish I was born all over again and had the same written to me...

    1. @Lakshmi..... awww... thank you so much!

  5. He is so lucky to have a Vellimma like you :)
    Snowflake is such a cute name!!heheheheehehhehe
    Blessed be!

  6. @Roshan .. :-)

    @Bikram .... thank you!

    @Anon ... :-)

    @Red ... yeah! I love the name too! And thank you for the genenrous helping of praise...

  7. Awww.... :') GIve him a hug from me, will you? :)

  8. Snowflake is such an awesome name, please make sure he retains this name even when he is 80.

    God Bless :)

  9. Awwww. snowflake !!! Such an adorable name!! And such an adorable post big maasi! :)

  10. @Spaceman ... will do!

    @Atrocious : Thanks dude ...and I do your wrist is getting better!

    @Med Lion .... Thank you!

  11. Congratulations :))

    Beautiful lines and amazing picture :)))